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Tennis Weathervane – Female Tennis Player

Tennis Player Weather Vane Female


The Female Tennis Player Weather Vane featured in this image is crafted in copper with optional gold leaf limbs and face. Because our vanes are made to order, the choice of metals can always be modified at the time an order is placed, eye color also can be chosen; eyes are made of special translucent glass that can catch the sun as the weathervane turns.

Since each weathervane is made to individual order, features such as hair style, clothing, tennis racquet, etc. can all be personalized based on customer preferences. We can even transform this figure into a portrait weathervane! Over the years, we have created portrait weathervanes of skiers, surfers, hockey players, equestrians and water skiers; we have a lot of experience in this area.

This Tennis Player Weather Vane is a classic example of a swell-bodied weather vane, made of two separate sets of hand-shaped copper that are soldered together, leaving a hollow interior. This style weather vane is intentionally not fully 3-D, making it more aerodynamic in the wind. The ‘fatter’ the weathervane, the more it will resist the wind. Ideally, when designing a weathervane you want the wind to cut it like a knife, hence the popularity of silhouette or swell-bodied weathervanes.

In addition to our Female Tennis Player, we offer other tennis player weathervanes and a Tennis Racquet (& ball) Weather Vane. West Coast Weather Vanes offers a broad range of sports figures, including Hockey Player, Soccer Player, Skier and Golfer Weather Vanes.