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Tooth Fairy Weathervane with Silver Dollar

Winged Tooth Fairy with Silver Dollar Weather Vane


Our Tooth Fairy Weathervane with Silver Dollar was originally commissioned for installation on a children’s dental clinic. What a great idea! This customer, like many, took a while honing in on the design because of the 800 options we have in existence. Lots of choice!

We love the way the final result incorporates every aspect of kids and teeth, and dental hygiene. Optional gilding inĀ gold and palladium was chosen to enhance the detail and create the bright contrast children love so much. Over time this detailed swell-bodied copper vane with brass tooth will weather and patina to create even more contrast with the toothpaste on the brush, silver dollar (for under the pillow), and details on the enchanting fairy and her wings.

This fairy has emerald glass eyes, a personal inscription on the handle of the toothbrush, and a number of ‘Lucky Pennies’ commemorating important dates and people in our clients’ life.

We recently received a nice note from a satisfied customer, and pictures of their weathervane installed. We love seeing our weather vanes in place.

LizAnne, You guys did such a fantastic job and people comment all the time how unique the weathervane turned out.