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Tooth Weathervane – With Toothbrush

Tooth Weather Vane with Toothbrush

Tooth with Toothbrush
Tooth and Forceps

This Tooth on Toothbrush Weather Vane was originally commissioned by a dentist in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territory of Canada. She actually ordered two. One large size for on top of her dental building and one small size for the counter at the receptionist’s desk. On the small version there is a small slit in the brush section of the toothbrush for her business cards! She planned to write the weathervanes off as an advertising expense for her business.

As shown here, the weather vane was made in all copper, but we can make it using a combination of copper and brass or optional nickel silver and/or optional gold leaf. Since each of our vanes is hand crafted to order, each customer chooses the metal combination that works best for them.

As you might well imagine, this weathervane has been popular with dentists, and we once discussed with an orthodontist the possibility of doing a variation on this design with old fashioned palladium leafed braces on it! Another eye catching possibility is to add an optionally gold and palladium striped dab of toothpaste to the bristles.

Tooth and Forceps Weathervane

We have made a distinct version of this tooth vane with the addition of forceps. The pricing is included here.

You are welcome to personalize this vane to suit your vision. Call to discuss your variations and pricing.

Representations of this design are not just displayed on top of dental buildings. They reside in backyards, on gazebo and even on top of garages. We recently made one of these weathervanes as a special retirement gift to a dentist from his staff. We stamped a special inscription on the handle of the toothbrush and added two ‘lucky’ pennies inside his weathervane: one from the year he started his practice and one from the year he retired.

Yet another adaptation was made for a dentist whose last name starts with the letter ‘Q’. In place of the tooth, we did a custom monogram based on a font he sent to us. In addition to the letter ‘Q’, he wanted four individual molars, one on each directional. We gold leafed the ‘Q’ and the molars and left the toothbrush copper. His plan was to spotlight it at night on the roof of his dental building. When the light hits the gold leaf, the effect is sure to be memorable!

The idea of incorporating the directionals as an active design element of the weathervane is an original design concept of West Coast Weather Vanes. We have used this concept on a number of our weathervanes, such as our Robin with Chicks, Wine Bottle with Wine Glasses and Cat with Mice Weathervanes. Our concept has now been appropriated by many other vane makers.

We offer other weather vanes that touch on the healthcare profession including a Medical Insignia Weathervane and a Stork with Baby weathervane.