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Toy Poodle Weathervane

Leaping Toy Poodle Weather Vane


This Toy Poodle Weathervane is a portrait of Coco. Working with Coco’s mistress, and photos of Coco, we devised a design that would illustrate Coco’s love of running and leaping on the beach. It took some careful crafting and inventiveness to create a design in which all four of Coco’s feet are off the ground, yet the weather vane is sturdy and can withstand a windy location. We really love how it turned out and the artist who crafted the pup enjoyed the challenge and the level of detailing that included creating the fur texture, and capturing Coco’s distinctively round eyes.

There are some interesting elements here. Coco and the beach are fabricated of copper in Swell Bodied style, while the textured beach grasses are of Silhouette construction. For Coco, our client requested optional gold leaf be applied to the teeth, pink enamel on the tongue and collar, and optional palladium leaf on the tag engraved with Coco. There is also a personal inscription on the horizontal copper tube, and there are ‘Lucky Pennies’ capping the horizontal tube and within, in addition to the traditional penny sealed within the sculpture piece from year of its completion. You will also see that a Security Device was an option this customer requested (the U shaped bracket below the vane).

As this weathervane weathers and patinas the gold and palladium will continue to shine brightly for many years. Combined with the pink collar and tongue, this is a very eye catching piece.

Portrait Weathervanes are a great pleasure to the people who have them, and wonderful family heirlooms.