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Tractor Weathervane – Case ‘Last Chance’ V2 – 3D

CASE Tractor Weather Vane - 3D


This Tractor Weathervane is a 3D version of a customer’s customized CASE tractor,  affectionately named ‘Last Chance’. If you hunt around on tractor pulling competition* sites, you will find the sporting Last Chance!

Last Chance, V1, Silhouette

It was ordered by the driver’s wife as a surprise gift. 10 years prior they had ordered a portrait of the tractor in silhouette style. They loved it, but always wanted a weather vane of ‘Last Chance’ in full detail. What a great gift!

To replicate this tractor in full detail our customer took many many photos from every angle and closeups of all the individual details. This was a huge help because some parts were customized. We also worked from the make and model # official schematics.

Our master artisans replicated the tractor in copper, in full detail 3D. The paintings on the body are in optional gold leaf, and various parts of the tractor body are gilded in optional palladium leaf.

Many of our weathervane designs represent cherised moments, and capture the memory of good times spent in sport, and adventure. What a special family heirloom!

*As the tractor replaced the horse across the farm fields of North America, Europe, and Australia, tractor pulls (also called power pulling) developed into a rural pastime. Pulling has deep roots in small-town America. The concept of harnessing modern horsepower to move a giant, weighted sled down a track continues to attract significant audiences both in person and on television.