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Two Girls Holding Hands Weathervane

Two Girls and Pinot Grapevine Weather Vane


This Two Girls Holding Hands Weathervane was commissioned to celebrate a lovely family photo that captures both their two girls as children and their pinot vineyard. The photo is also on their wine label. The sculpture piece is crafted from copper and brass. The vests, socks, and grape leaves are brass. Optional gold leaf gilding was requested for the girl’s hands, ears, and hair bow. As this touching vane weathers and darkens, the differences in copper and brass will become quite subtle and elegant while the gold highlights will create a bright eye-catching point emphasizing the girls fondly holding hands.

There are two styles of construction incorporated in this piece. It is primarily a swell-bodied design, however, the grape leave’s textural detail has been carefully hammered into a single sheet of brass in what we refer to as silhouette style. The girls have been created as a mirror image, meaning that the vane will show the same portrait regardless of which side is moved to view by the winds. Please note what a fine job our master artisans did create the walking foot on both sides!

It was fun working with this customer to get the details just right. They wanted the very nice touch of having the grapevine tendrils cross the bar and rise up on both sides. They also requested ‘Lucky Pennies‘ commemorating important dates in the family’s lives be inserted into the vane in addition to the traditional penny from the year of the weathervane’s completion. Look closely at the pictures and you will see the grapevine entwined copper tube the girls stand on is engraved with the name of their vineyard.