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Dinosaur Weathervane – Velociraptor

Velociraptor Dinosaur Weather Vane


We had wanted to design and construct a Velociraptor Weathervane forever, and were just as pleased as can be when this order came in. The family who commissioned this piece were intending it to be mounted on a deck post, tricking the eye as it moves through the forest backdrop. The pictures illustrate that size isn’t everything, when you take into account the factors of viewing distance and background ‘noise’.

For the sculpture piece pictured, the body is fabricated fromĀ copper sheet, in swell bodied style. The grasses are silhouette style, in brass, and the tendrils are copper wire. The teeth and claws of the velociraptor have been gilded with optional gold leaf. Also, olive colored glass eyes were selected, and a family name inscription was cut into the horizontal rod.

This family also asked for the inclusion of seven ‘Lucky Pennies‘ in addition to the traditional penny from the year the sculpture was sealed closed. ‘Lucky Pennies’ are a pleasant way of acknowledging specific people and life events and make for a very interesting historical touchstone.