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Washington State University Cougar Weathervane Logo – Exclusive

WSU Cougar Logo Weather Vane

Exclusive Logo

This Washington State University Cougar Weathervane is one of many logo and mascot weathervanes we have had commissioned. It was to go a top a newly refurbished building on campus.

Historically weathervanes have been used to identify businesses, professional trades and institutions going as far back as we can find records of weathervanes. Some of early examples include  coats of arms and gradually evolving into depictions of trades. Weathervanes, with their prominent locations, were effective in helping to identify business locations to those who could not read. An example would be a cow weathervane on a butcher shop or a ship atop a ship builder’s work space.

WSU’s clever design includes a stylized roaring cougar and the letters that make up the school’s name. As part of the project, they also had custom directionals fabricated in swell bodied style and to incorporate the school’s initials into the West direction. The completed copper weather vane was sent to the school where it was finished in their school colors of red and white.

WSU fans would need to contact the school for permission to use the school’s logo. With permission, we can make this weathervane available to faculty, staff, parents, students and alumni although we are not able to mimic the red and white coloration here and would use gold and palladium leaf instead.