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Water Skiing Woman Weathervane

Water Skier Weather Vane Female


The Water Skiing Woman Weather Vane shown here was commissioned by an avid fan of the sport whose home overlooks a beautiful lake in Indiana that is a popular destination for many water sport enthusiasts. Because her home is visible from the lake, she also thought her water skiing neighbors would enjoy seeing it as well. This is a portrait weather vane. Our customer provided us with photos which we then used to create this design.

The Waterskiing Woman sculpture piece has translucent blue glass jewels for eyes and short hair flying in the wind. There is optional gold leaf on her face, arms and legs and optional palladium leaf (silver colored) to create the streaks in the waves caused by her passage through the water. As the copper darkens and begins to move through the patina process, the gold and palladium accents will offer a lively contrast that will keep the sculpture piece visually interesting.

Because we construct each weathervane to individual order, we can personalize the design to represent a male water skier, a racing water skier, a child, etc. Hair, clothing and equipment can all be modified to make the piece more personal. Please give us a call if you have any thoughts or questions about this weather vane. It would be our pleasure to work with you on such a project!

When it comes to water-related human endeavors, West Coast Weather Vanes has a diverse range of designs. Variations include Surfers, Scuba Divers, Sailors, and Fly Fisherman to name but a few. We specialize in custom copper weathervanes and are always happy to explore new ideas with our customers so give us a call if you have something special in mind. Some of our best weathervanes are a result of a customer calling us and saying, “Can you make me a …”