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Whale Weathervane – Blue Whale

Blue Whale Weather Vane
(Balaenoptera musculus) Swimming


The Blue Whale Weather Vane, Balaenoptera musculus, featured in this image is crafted with a copper body and optional gold leafed throat pleats. Because our vanes made individually, the choice of metals can be modified at the time an order is placed. The Blue Whale’s eyes are made from handcrafted colored glass with black pupils or translucent glass jewels. When ordering this weathervane you may select the eye color.

The Blue Whale is the largest known animal ever to have existed and we are very lucky to see them traveling up and down the California coast at various times throughout the year. Long and slender, the blue whale’s body can be various shades of bluish-grey and somewhat lighter underneath. The blue whale’s long tapering body appears stretched in comparison with the stockier build of other whales. It is visible only briefly during the dive sequence so it hard to get a true sense of the immense size.

Our local Seymour Discovery Center, one of the many excellent marine research facilities located around the Monterey Bay, has an impressive blue whale skeleton on display. In honor of this awesome sea mammal and in support of the organization’s fundraising efforts, we created a two-foot long Blue Whale Weathervane which is on display there near the front entrance.

Blue whales most commonly live alone or with one other individual. It is not known how long traveling pairs stay together. In locations where there is a high concentration of food, as many as 50 blue whales have been seen within a relatively small area. They can frequently be seen this way, gathering in and around the Monterey Bay, our own backyard.