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Whale Weathervane – Grey With Dolphin

Gray Whale Weather Vane with Dolphin


The Breaching Grey Whale Weather Vane, Eschrichtius robustus, with Dolphin, Delphinus, featured in this image consists of an all copper whale and dolphin while the splash is made of brass. Brass is 70% copper so patinas similarly to copper but maintains a subtle distinction is color throughout the life of the weathervane.

The directionals (North, South, East & and West arms) below the weathervane are also brass so adding some brass to the actual sculpture piece is a nice way to tie the whole thing together. However, because our vanes are handcrafted to order the choice of metals can be modified at the time your order is placed. Both the whale and the dolphin’s eyes are usually made from translucent glass jewels but, again, the choice of eye color and eye style is yours.

A whale’s breach is defined as any leap in which at least 40% of the animal’s body clears the water and is a genuine jump with an intent to clear the water, whereas a lunge is the result of a fast upward-sloping swim, perhaps as a result of feeding, that has caused the whale to clear the surface of the water unintentionally.

It is also possible that the loud “smack” upon re-entering is useful for stunning or scaring prey. Others suggest that a breach allows the whale to breathe in air that is not close to the surface, which may aid breathing in rough seas. Another widely accepted possible reason is to dislodge parasites from the skin. The behavior may also be a form of play.