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Whale Weathervane – Breaching Humpback

Humpback Whale Weather Vane Breaching (Megaptera novaeangliae)


The Humpback Whale Weather Vane, Megaptera novaeangliae, featured in this image consists of a breaching copper Humpback Whale with a brass splash. The choice of metals can be modified at the time an order is placed.

This weathervane design was originally commissioned by a couple with a home on Maui (in the Hawaiian Islands) overlooking a bay where the Humpbacks come to give birth and raise their young calves. They thought a weather vane celebrating these amazing and majestic creatures would be an appropriate crowning touch on top of their new house.

In December 2004, a different couple were walking down to a nearby beach and discovered a large humpback whale recently washed ashore. They were taken by her beauty and dignity, even in death, and were profoundly affected by the encounter. In the years that followed they learned more about her and, when the time came to add a weathervane to their home, were able to provide us with photos of her distinctive markings so we could use gold leaf to create a special portrait version of our Humpback Whale Weather Vane for them.

We are sometimes asked which designs are most popular. It is not something we can easily answer. When Ken and I were doing art festivals in the Pacific Northwest, our Bald Eagles, Moose, and Orcas, etc. were very popular. When in the Southwest, people are drawn to our Coyotes, Roadrunners, Quail and Sun designs. Equestrians love horse weathervanes and pilots like our airplane designs. This Breaching Humpback Whale design is a case in point. If you live along the coast and have the great pleasure of watching them on their migration routes, this might be the design for you. People like to select weather vanes that reflect what is relevant to them in their lives. That’s why it is difficult to say which designs are most popular.