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World Globe with Pencil Weathervane – Exclusive

World and Pencil Weather Vane


This World Globe with Pencil Weathervane was constructed as an exclusive for the new main offices of a grammar school in Kentucky. It was installed on the cupola of the entry. We think the design has inspiring elements for young minds. Though you cannot order this particular exclusive design we include it here to note the many applications that our weather vanes are suited to. We have made weather vanes for corporate offices, school stadiums, golf courses, nursery schools, and breweries, to name a few.

This Globe and Pencil is a 3D construction of copper and nickle silver. We demarcated the continents on the globe by applying gold leaf. We also gilded the yellow of the classic ‘school pencil’. The lead of the pencil and the metal band attaching the eraser are both fabricated from nickel silver.

Perhaps you have a business or organization in mind for a weather vane. Working with clients on designs that create a lasting impression to the public is a specialty of ours.