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Yacht Weathervane – Talaria 55

Talaria 55 Yacht Weather Vane


This sharp looking Talaria 55 Yacht Weathervane is another of our popular boating selections. It is fabricated from multiple metals, in the swell bodied style. The hull of the yacht is copper, as is the flag flying at the stern. The deck, cabin and rear platform are brass. These two metals will develop very subtle and nuanced differences as they age, weather and patina. For the vane pictured the customer also requested optional palladium leaf gilding on the windows, and gold leaf on the waterline stripe, the flag’s stars and stripes, and the crosses at the bow. This additional leafing will add bright detail for many years.

Boat weathervanes are very flexible in the level of detail you can add or subtract. A silhouette vane would be the simplest and least expensive while remaining visually effective. At the other end of the spectrum you can be as detailed as you care to and add full detail to the interior to the cabin, creating a museum piece heirloom that is very interesting viewing when mounted indoors.