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Yacht Weathervane – Eastbay 50

Eastbay Yacht Weather Vane 50


Our Eastbay 50 Yacht Weathervane was commissioned by the proud owner of this lovely vessel. He wanted a weather vane on his boat house that replicated his yacht. This was a demanding yet fun project that required the careful work of Thomas, our Shop Master, who has a real talent for replicating technical detail. This is a fully 3 Dimensional sculpture piece, with the hull fabricated of copper, and the cabin parts varying in copper and brass to create additional detail. As this sculpture piece weathers these two metals will continue to reveal slight differences in their coloring while the gold leaf maintains it warm, luminous coloration.

As seen in the pictures above, our customer also requested optional gold and palladium leafing to create details on the boat, such as ‘her’ name and the stripes on the aft flag. These details will remain bright for many decades as the copper and brass sections darken and their shine diminishes. They also chose to have two important dates in their lives be acknowledged with  ‘Lucky Pennies’ soldered to the deck.

Every weather vane made here at West Coast Weathervanes is custom. We have a number of other boat designs that may be of interest to you as a starting point for a weather vane you’ve been dreaming of, or perhaps you’d like us to make something new just for you. Please contact us to start this conversation.