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Yellow Jacket Weathervane – Fighting

Fighting Yellow Jacket Weather Vane

Does not include gilding

Our Yellow Jacket Weathervane in Fighting Stance was originally commissioned for the athletics department at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. They have since ordered several more, in varying sizes and recently sent this note:

The new yellow jacket weathervanes look great – I wish you could see them.  You now have 5 of your creative works within three blocks of each other.  Is that a record for you in one town?  Thank you for making them for us. Have a great weekend

– Randolph-Macon College loves the new additions !!!!!!!!!

To enhance the visual reading of this mascot piece, Randolph-Macon selected optional gold and palladium leafing on the body and wings. This yellow jacket would also look quite charming in its base of copper with artisanal texturing to defining the elements of the body.

West Coast Weather Vanes individually crafts each of our pieces to order. We enjoy exploring individual changes or entire new designs, creating heirlooms from your needs and dreams.