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Basic Drilled Installation Method

Please click the links below for information on the basic drilled weathervane installation method.

General Information

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Cross-Section View of Roof with
Ridge Pole
Truss Construction:
Overview of Roof, Basic Drilled Method
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This illustrates the principal mounting method for most larger sized weathervanes traditionally located at the peak of the roof. Most roofs have a ridgepole as a structural support into which the spire (vertical installation rod) can be mounted. (See above)

Truss construction can also be modified to install a weathervane using this method (See above).

If you are in construction now, we can send out the installation hardware as soon as the order has been placed, enabling spire installation before the roof is sealed off. The sculpture piece itself will follow upon completion and slide down over the already installed weathervane hardware.

Basic Drilled Installation Photos from our Customers