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Angel Weathervane – Watering Can

Angel Weather Vane with Watering Can


Our Angel Weathervane with Watering Can is part of our series of gardening angels. It can be crafted in all copper, a combination of copper and brass or with optional gold or palladium leaf accents on the face, arms, wings and the heart on the watering can. The tulip designs on her dress are hand chased into the copper. She has hand crafted glass eyes that are available in a range of colors.

It is a very popular weathervane and is often placed in a garden setting. One of our customers graciously sent us a photo of her angel in her garden. We were able to visit this weathervane after installation, which is a rare treat for us. It was centered in a beautiful knotted herb garden, where it showed to lovely effect. Placing a weathervane closer to eye level is great for viewing from inside the house and enjoying the detailing.

This weather vane has been seen in Horticulture Magazine as part of a garden display article. One customer purchased it as a gift for his wife, who is a collector of American Folk Art. It was to be mounted on their new home.

Another customer has ordered this weathervane for her house and four others, one for each of her three children and one as a gift for her mother. She requested lucky pennies from significant family dates be sealed into each sculpture piece.

If you are a gardening fan, you might also want to look at our other gardening angel weathervanes. These custom copper angel Weathervanes are part of our larger series of mythological weathervane designs that also feature a Dragon, Pegasus, Unicorn, Witch and many other mythological figures. 

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