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Automobile Weathervane – Porsche 911, 1967 Hardtop

1967 Porsche 911 Hardtop Weather Vane


Our Porsche 911 Hardtop Weathervane was first commissioned as a gift. The couple was building a new barn, and the wife thought her husband would love to have a weather vane of his classic Porsche spinning at the crest of the roof line. She selected a large size because of the viewing distance from the ground to the top of the barn. The car is crafted in copper in swell-bodied style. It is a ‘mirror image’ meaning it looks exactly the same from both sides. She requested optional palladium gilding on the windows, bumpers, headlights and tires. This will create a nifty visual as the copper weathers, darkens and patinas. And because of hurricane risk in the area she opted for the addition of a Security Device. The gift was a big success!

The ‘Lucky Pennies‘ for this piece are capping the copper tube the car is ‘riding on’, and there is also a personal message inscribed on the bar.

If you are a Porsche fan, we also have a design for a 911 Carrera and a Porsche 356 in silhouette. While being simpler for us to create, silhouette weather vanes give you a lot of visual impact while coming in at a lower cost.

Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 356