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Banner Weathervane Sign – Decorative #19

Half Banner Sign Weather Vane


Our sign Banner Weathervanes are very effective visual pieces. We make these Half Sign Banners with names and/or logos, decorative trim, etc. in gold or palladium on both sides of the copper vane. Pricing for these details depends on the complexity of the lettering and/or logos. A decorative element on top, such as a letter, symbol or lantern is included in the price (see our full banner below for an example topped out with a decorative initial letter). Any design elements gilded in precious metals will be bright and legible for many decades as your banner goes through the stages of weathering.

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Furber Full Banner Weather VaneFrom their earliest origins in 50 BC, weathervanes were designed to ‘read the wind’. However, the most noted uses of weather vanes since the 9th Century often involved displaying information regarding family, religion, status, business, and location. They work as well today as they did all those centuries ago. Maybe better, because today they are truly a rare and collectible art form, and people take note.