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BHR Logo Weathervane – Exclusive

Logo Weather Vane - BHR


This Exclusive BHR Logo Weathervane was crafted for the beautiful and expansive Blame Her Ranch, in New Mexico (‘Blame Her’ being a family joke and riff on the family name). The copper letters of the logo were fabricated in swell-bodied style.  The ellipse is a copper tube, and the two copper balls have been enameled turquoise. Because the western border of the ranch lies on a mesa on the edge of the 1.6 million-acre Santa Fe National Forest there can be high winds, so the option of a security device was selected. That is the two little ‘ears’ you can see above the directionals and globe.

As an exclusive weathervane, it can’t be replicated by anyone other than the owner. We show it here as an example of a Letter-style weathervane and to give you a feeling for pricing if you are interested in something along these lines.

There are personal inscriptions engraved on both sides of the arrow shaft and a ‘Lucky Penny’ from the year of the ranch’s founding in the arrow tip. The traditional penny from the year of the weathervane’s completion caps the arrow end.

Historically, weather vanes were frequently used to identify locations of businesses, and family homes by showing their coats of arms. This is a lovely blending of those two classic applications.