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Black Swan Weathervane

Swan Weather Vane Logo


This Black Swan Weathervane, Cygnus atratus, was commissioned by a couple seeking to have a weathervane inspired by their business logo to mount on their lakefront home. The sculpture piece is fabricated in copper. For the smooth, graceful lines of their logo, simple, swell-bodied style was employed. Our master artisans took extra care to keep the expanse of the swan’s body as smooth as possible, in keeping with this customer’s vision. It can be quite challenging hammering the copper into smooth repouss√©, but our artists were definitely up to the task!

As this weather vane ages and darkens to a deep chocolate brown, its appearance against the bright sky will be that of a Black Swan. There are inscriptions imprinted on both sides of the horizontal tube the swan rests upon, and there are ‘Lucky Pennies’ attached inside the body representing important years for the family.

When these customers first contacted us about this weather vane, they were thinking of a silhouette vane in large. But after discussing the mounting location, and the high winds it is subject to, it was determined that the swell-bodied style, with its double layers of copper and soldering, would be much more stable. Silhouette weather vanes are cut from a single sheet of heavier gauge copper, but have less tensile strength and can bend in high winds. At the customer’s request, there is also an optional security device installed between the upper globe and the weathervane, giving additional insurance that the vane will stay attached to its mounting.

This design would work well with other personalizing touches. Glass eyes could be added, for example. Or the body could be textured. All of our weathervanes are made to order, enabling each of our customers to create the effect they want in their weathervane.