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Boat Weathervane – Boston Whaler

Weather Vane - Boston Whaler


This Boston Whaler Weathervane is a portrait piece of our customer’s personal boat. When we craft a modified replica of boats in particular, we work from both customer photos and schematics to assure we get the hull correct. The boat in this weathervane is fabricated from copper sheet in simple swell-bodied style, while the couple in the craft are silhouette style. Because this weathervane would be mounted in a windy area in Florida, we cut these figures from a heavier gauge sheet of copper than usual. And a Security Device was ordered as an extra precaution. The sleek profile of this whaler makes it a particularly good choice for areas subject to hurricane force winds.

Optional gold leaf gilding was chosen for the faces and arms of the mirror image couple in the boat. By mirror image we mean that they are seen the same from both sides. For this weathervane that was accomplished by design with careful chasing of the metal, and the application of the gold leaf. Palladium leafing was requested for the boat trim and porthole. The boat is inscribed with its name, Michigan Bankroll, and the horizontal tube it is mounted on is inscribed to say, “Your Heart Will Lead You Home”. There are ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important years in this couple’s lives both in the hull and capping the horizontal tube. These personal touches make for a wonderful family heirloom and increase the weathervane’s value as American Folk Art!