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Horse Weathervane – Carousel Basic

Carousel Horse Weather Vane - Basic


Our basic Carousel Horse Weathervane harkens back to a history that began with knights in armor riding in circles and throwing balls between themselves as practice for combat. We also make a Deluxe Carousel Horse Weathervane with classic armor, drape, and gilding. The horse has glass eyes, and optional gold leaf to emphasize the stylized motion inherent to the genre. Optional gold and palladium gilding maintains a lovely brilliance and and contrast as the copper weathers, darkens, and eventually patinas into the greens.

After the 2017 fire that destroyed the carousel at Rye Playland, NY, they commissioned two weather vanes from us for the renovation. The Carousel Horse Basic which is pictured here atop the new carousel, and our Galloping Horse Weathervane, in Extra Large, to be mounted on the classic 1928 Derby Racer Merry Go Round.*

This piece is crafted in the swell-bodied style, making it a grand candidate for the insertion of ‘Lucky Pennies‘ in the Victorian tradition. Originally a penny from the year of manufacture was inserted for historical tracking. At West Coast Weather Vanes we have taken that tradition and extended it to also include pennies from meaningful times in our customer’s lives.

There are a number of ways to personalize this lovely piece, including a gilded or inscribed name on the saddle. If there is a way you would like to see this weather vane individualized to meet your vision please call. All of our vanes are custom made to order and making just exactly what you want is our specialty.

*We give a 10% discount on all of our customer’s future orders, but when the first order is for two weathervanes the 10% discount is good for both! This discount is applied at the time the second vane transaction is completed.