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Cat Weathervane – Shorthair Resting with Hummingbird

Cat Weather Vane with Hummingbird


This Cat with Hummingbird Weather Vane, like our Cat with Butterfly, captures that classic contemplative poise of an observant feline. This cat is made of copper with brass whiskers for contrast. The plant’s leaves are also made in brass while the little hummingbird has been crafted in copper. Many of our customers choose optional gold leafing for the flower or for the hummingbird.

You can also provide photographs of your felines for a personalized weather vane depicting your favorite kitty. Glass eyes can be selected to accommodate a variety of cat’s eye colors.

We have learned over the years that garden settings are excellent places to install any variation of cat weathervanes. The fine detail such as fur and whiskers and soft light shining through their translucent glass eyes are easily visible, and in the winter, when the garden is dormant, the weathervane adds an element of lively visual interest to an otherwise quiet space.

We are always happy to help you arrive at the option that best suits your situation; sometimes the kind of backdrop your weathervane will have (for instance, clear skies or the dark and variegated textures of garden plants) can be a determining factor when choosing optional contrasting metal accents.

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