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Cherry Headed Conure Weathervane

Red-Headed Conure Weather Vane


Our Cherry Headed Conure Weathervane, Psittacara erythrogenys, was first ordered by a California company that specializes in conures. It is fun for us to carry on the long tradition of weather vanes being placed at the businesses they represent. This tradition goes back to times when only the few had the time and opportunity for literacy. For customers to know what your were in the business of doing the signage needed to be pictorial, hence it is common to see antique vanes of cattle or chickens or boats, etcetera.

All of our weather vanes that involve out-stretched wings, be they avian or aeronautic, come with a security device installed to prevent them from taking flight in the wind.

Our conure may not be as chatty as its namesake, but it is beautiful and has appropriate markings. It is crafted in copper and will patina a lovely green, making for a pretty accurate facsimile of this family of parrots. To add to this distinction our customers requested the option of red enamel on the head, optional gold and paladium leaf on the eye demarcations, the beak, and on the birds feet. They also had us inscribe one side of the vertical pole with Cherry Headed Conures.

If you would like to personalize this design to become a distinct variety of conure or parrot we would be happy to discuss your ideas.

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