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Cherub Weathervane with Dove (Design)

Cherub with Dove Weather Vane


This Cherub Weathervane with Dove design is one of two we worked up for a customer, the other being a cherub with stars. In the end this customer ordered the Cherub Weathervane with Stars because they have four members in their family and they wanted one star on each of the directionals.

But we love this Cherub with Dove design. The picture of the Cherub with Stars Weathervane gives you an idea of how it could look when fabricated. The sculpture piece pictured is crafted of copper with optional gold leaf on the stars and the cherubs skin, and palladium leaf on the moon.

We would love to make this Cherub and Dove Weathervane for you. The design fee is waived, and you would be the lucky person to own #1 in our limited series of 50, making this not just a delightful sculpture piece for you roof or yard, but also a unique piece of American Folk Art.