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Cougar Weathervane – Prowling

Hunting Mountain Lion Weather Vane


Our Hunting Cougar Weather Vane, Puma concolor, was originally commissioned by a couple we met at a show here in California. They were building a new home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and wanted this panther inspired weathervane to be the finishing touch that greeted visitors as they drove up the driveway. Since then we have made personalized versions of this weathervane for customers in such far-flung locations as Vancouver Island in Canada, Virginia, Utah and Washington States.

In this design, we wanted to capture the graceful and sleek appearance of one of the world’s most beautiful large cats. Pictured here, the cat is crafted of copper with an optional gold leafed lower face and optional palladium leafed checked spots and tail tip. The cougar also has taxidermy brown glass eyes with black pupils, to give this sleek cat an even more animated appearance. The mountain on which it crouches is made of brass. Because we make each weathervane to order, we can modify the metals used based on customer preference.

We recently received this lovely note and picture from one of our satisfied customers:

My husband LOVES his weathervane and it really adds to our house in the mountains of North Carolina!  It has mellowed beautifully and looks slightly different during different times of day, as the light glints off of it.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and the process was great fun.

This weathervane works nicely in a paired grouping, such as with a deer, big horn sheep, etc. If you order two or more weathervanes from us at the same time, we offer a 10% discount on both vanes.

One of our customers in Evergreen, Colorado, commissioned a large (3-foot sculpture piece) Cougar Weather Vane and extra-large (4-foot sculpture piece) Triple Mustang Weather Vane. Both were mounted on top of octagonal turrets on their pool house. The home is at 8,000 feet elevation and the weathervanes were tied into their lightning protection system. This customer requested we gold leaf the mustang’s manes and tails and the cougar’s muzzle and tail tip. The hillside, beneath the cougar and the mustangs, are brass. The pair of weathervanes, moving freely in the wind, capture the special wild spirit for which the west is justifiably well known.

The Cougar’s prowess has made it a top choice as a sports team mascot. We have personalized this Cougar Weather Vane to include team names and logos for a number of schools and we are happy to discuss with you the range of options for your particular situation and location.

Variously known as a Mountain Lion, Puma, Panther, Painter, Mountain Screamer or Catamount, the Cougar has always had almost legendary status with human beings and features prominently in many First Nation stories. The Cougar still has the greatest range of any wild terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere, extending from the Yukon in Canada to the southern Andes of South America.

And thrillingly, we their populations have recovered here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We caught a beauty on our cameras one recent night.