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Horse Weathervane – Mustangs

Mustang Weather Vane (Wild Horses Weathervane)


Originally commissioned as a gift, this Mustang Horse weather vane is available only in the large (3-ft) and extra-large (4-ft) size. This is because the sculpture piece, even though 3 or 4 feet in size, is comprised of 3 separate horses. In the large size each horse is only about 1 foot in length. In most cases, a large sized Weathervane will be big enough to work well on top of a 2-story home. However, if this design appeals to you, you might want to consider ordering it in the extra-large size so each individual horse appears large enough to read easily from the ground. If you like any of the individual horses, they can also be ordered as separate weathervanes.

This customer debated whether to make them individually or all together as a herd. Imagine if you will, three separate horses, each mounted along on the ridge of a barn, moving together in the wind, with manes and tails streaming! They also requested optional gold leaf on the hills, tails and manes. In the end they ordered this galloping herd of Mustangs, and a stalking Cougar Weathervane to wonderful effect.

Each of our weathervanes is custom made to order, each unique, though part of a limited number series. The eyes are glass, with a nice selection of colors. The horizontal tube can be inscribed. Also included is a penny from the year of manufacture, sealed into the sculpture piece. Additional ‘lucky‘ pennies can be included representing important dates for the recipient.

Because of its power, ingenuity and independence, the mustang is frequently used as a logo for athletic teams. A mustang is a hardy, free-roaming horse of the North American west, descended primarily from horses brought to the Americas by the Spanish conquistadors. Because of the perception of wild horses of the west as possessing hardiness, grace, speed, and independence, the name ‘Mustang’ is popular for high-performance products and for sports mascots.

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