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Horse Weathervane – Bucking Bronco with Cowgirl

Cowgirl with Bucking Bronco Weather Vane


The original Horse Weathervane – Bucking Bronco with Cowgirl Rider was commissioned for a fiftieth birthday present portrait piece for the rider shown above and was installed on her new barn. This piece is crafted in high detail swell-bodied style from copper and brass, with optional gold leaf details on the face and hands. The cowgirl and horse have glass eyes. For this happy birthday surprise the friends ordering selected the eye colors from our wide array of options.

They also requested the piece be inscribed with the name and date of this half-century mark, and they included a ‘Lucky Penny’ from her birth year. What a treasure this piece will be as it passes through the family generations. A real piece of American Folk Art.

We have so many wonderful designs in our equine catalog. Please enjoy our Western Horse Gallery, below.

A bronco, or bronc is a term used in the United States and Canada to refer to an untrained horse. It may refer to a feral horse that has lived in the wild its entire life, but is also used to refer to domestic horses not yet fully trained to saddle, and hence prone to unpredictable behavior, particularly bucking. The term also refers to the bucking horses used in rodeo ‘rough stock’ events, such as bareback riding and saddle bronc riding. In modern usage, it is seldom used any longer to refer to a ‘wild’ or more accurately, a ‘feral’ horse, as the Wild Horse Protection Act prevents the capture of Mustangs from the wild for use in rodeos.

Cutting Horse

Horse Weathervane

Reining Horse


Galloping Horse

Bronc Weathervane
with Cowboy

Silhouette Saddle Bronc


Bucking Bronco
with Cowgirl