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Horse Weathervane – Reining

Reining Horse Weather Vane


Our Reining Horse Weather Vane is based on customer-provided photos of her horse and rider sliding to a stop during a competition. We added personalized details in the saddle blanket and reins using optional gold leaf. We used optional palladium leaf to give the rider his silver grey hair and shiny stirrups. Over time, the copper will patina a deep chocolate brown allowing the gold and palladium leaf to stand out in bright contrast, creating a visually exciting profile against the skyline.

If you are interested, we can personalize your weathervane in a similar way. Just send us photos and we can modify the design accordingly to represent either a male or female rider, or add individual markings to the horse such as a blaze on its forehead or a custom saddle blanket, making your weathervane a completely unique and personal statement atop your home, barn or riding arena.

We’ve talked with several customers about a fun way to use this particular weathervane. We got the idea from one of our customer who had commissioned an Arabian Horse Weather Vane in the large size (3 foot) and a medium size (2 foot) Golden Retriever Weather Vane to be placed at each end of her new barn. When the wind blows one way, the Golden Retriever chases her Arab, and when the wind switches directions, the Arab chases her Golden Retriever. This playfulness mimics the relationship of her animals, who are best friends and play together all the time.

Along these lines, if you have two cupolas on top of your barn, a Cutting Horse Weather Vane could be installed on one cupola and a Calf or Cow weathervane could be installed on the other cupola. As the wind turns the two sculpture pieces, they would interact  together up on the roof. You can look up at different times throughout the day to watch them dodge and weave. It is also an intriguing way to display your passion for this sport to visitors as they approach your home or barn.

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Horse Weathervane

Reining Horse


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Bronc Weathervane
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Bucking Bronco
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