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Horse Weathervane – Galloping

Horse Weather Vane Galloping


The original Galloping Horse Weather Vane design was commissioned by the Del Mar Racetrack in Southern California. They ordered two all copper extra large, 4 foot versions. The large, 3 foot, weathervane shown here has a brass mane and tail. A fletching can be added below the horizontal tube if you’d like us to add the name of your ranch or farm in gold leaf letters.

With its flowing mane and streaming tail, this horse weathervane gives you a sense of speed, especially when seen silhouetted and moving against the skyline on a windy day. Along with our Quarter Horse and Mustangs Weather Vanes, it is a popular choice on western ranches and farms, where it seems to symbolize the Wild West and open ranges.

Valiant  horses are also popular subjects in literature and film. One needs only think of movies like “War Horse”, “Seabiscuit”  or books like  “The Black Stallion” or “My Friend Flicka” to know these animals have captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of people around the world.

Horses first evolved in the Americas, but went extinct here until reintroduced by Europeans and were quickly adapted to the mobile lifestyle of the Native Americans. Horses have long been among the most economically important domesticated animals and are prominent in religion and mythology. The horse has played an important role in transportation, as a source of food, fuel, and clothing, and as a weapon.

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