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Horse Weathervane – Cutting with Cowboy & Calf

Cutting Horse Weather Vane


The extra-large (4-foot) Cutting Horse Weather Vane pictured with the optional gold accents was originally commissioned by a customer in Texas as a birthday gift for her husband. The couple are both very involved in this amazingly athletic sport. She sent us videos of cutting horses in action to give us a better appreciation of this demanding equestrian event. She also sent photos of her husband, his horse, tack, cattle brand to create this portrait. We incorporated all of this into the final design. They chose optional gold leafing on the steer and horses ‘sox’ for bright accents. Because we fabricate each of our weathervanes to order, we can also personalize your weathervane to depict a woman rider and different breeds of stock horse and cattle, etc. This is one of our most technically demanding yet spectacular weathervane designs. There is one picture above that shows some slight personalized variations to the copper sculpture piece.

Selecting the size of your weathervane greatly depends on where you plan to display it. Many of our Horse Weather Vanes are installed on the top, or cupola, of an owner’s barn. Most barns are quite large, typically 60 feet x 100 feet. A four-foot weathervane might seem very large when you are standing right next to it but you must consider your weathervane in relation to the structure upon which it will sit and the distance from which it will be viewed. The bigger the structure, the larger you will want the weathervane to be.

We offer a number of other related western themed weathervane designs that may be of interest, including our Bucking Bronco Cowboy or Cowgirl, Reining Horse and Quarter Horse Weather Vanes, to name but a few.

Cutting is an equestrian event in the western riding style. The horse and rider are judged on their ability to separate a single animal from a cattle herd and keep it away for a short period of time. A cutting horse is an athletic and willing animal that is trained to instinctively keep a cow from returning to the herd. In the cutting event, the horse and rider select and separate a cow (typically a steer or heifer) out of a small group. The cow then tries to return to its herd; the rider loosens the reins ‘puts his hand down’ (in the parlance) and leaves it entirely to the horse to keep the cow separated, a job the best horses do with relish, savvy, and style. A contestant has 2 1/2 minutes to show the horse; typically three cows are cut during a run, although working only two cows is acceptable. A judge awards points to the cutter based on a scale that ranges from 60 to 80, with 70 being considered average.

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