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Coxed 4 Rowing Weathervane

Men's Coxed 4 Rowing Team Boat Weather Vane


This Coxed 4 Rowing Weathervane was ordered as a Christmas Surprise….but there was a problem, this thoughtful wife wanted her husband to be a part in deciding all of the exacting details of this special gift representing so much of what he had done in his life and the joy it brought him. But we had a solution: We would send out all of our gift literature with a preliminary drawing in time for the holiday and then the happy husband could jump in with important details to be included in his weather vane. And that is exactly what happened, and he did have some very specific touches he wanted, including some corrections in oar shape (it turns out there are different shaped oars that are popular). Here is a quote from one of his notes…

“If I could really put a wish list it would be that each of the four oars has a different pattern for each of the different rowing clubs I rowed for.”

…and that is exactly what we did! On each oar optional gold leaf was used to replicate the distinct oar markings of each club, and the large horizontal oar below the boat also denotes a particular rowing club. These 23 karat gold markings will remain bright visuals for many years as the copper of this sculpture piece weathers, darkens and patinas. Making weather vanes personal is so important to us. We love helping create such memories!

This is an all copper weather vane. The boat is fabricated in swell bodied style, while the rowers are silhouette. There are special gussets inside the boat to stabilize the silhouette oarsmen, and there is a stabilizing gusset on the large horizontal oar that has ‘Lucky Pennies’ affixed from important years in the recipient’s life. The inscription on the horizontal bar was chosen by the wife, and it is the best!

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