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Crow Weathervane with Earring

Crow with Ear Ring Weather Vane


Our Crow Weathervane with Earring was first commissioned by a fun loving couple residing in the California wine country. The design is a bit of a story of their lives. The grape leaves are there because they grow grapes, and in the California agricultural lands crows are endemic. That this crow is holding a chandelier earring is another story. When these clients were wed this groom gifted his bride a pair of diamond chandelier earrings, which were lost in the vineyard. It is a fond but dwindling hope that one day the crow who they surmise took those shiny baubles, will fly back with them in its bill. Also personalizing this piece are four items of importance to this couple attached to the directionals. West has a Scrabble tile, east a pocket watch, north an airplane key ring, and south a key. There is also a loving inscription on the grape branch.

This weather vane is constructed in highly detailed swell bodied style from copper and brass. The customers requested optional gold leaf on the rock and the pocket watch face, and palladium leaf on the Scrabble tile, key, plane, and pocket watch.

This is the second West Coast Weather Vane this family has ordered. They also had us make them the Rooster Crowing Weathervane – with champagne cork. We have a bit of a theme of birds hold items of interest here, don’t we?


If you have been thinking of a weathervane that compliments and comments on your life and interests please do contact us. We would love to discuss your ideas.