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Deer Weathervane – Scythian Stag

Scythian Stag Weather Vane


This classic Scythian Stag Weathervane design was commissioned to be mounted atop a tree house dining room on a ridge high in the forest. These customers truly enjoy all elements that orient to the cardinal directions, as evidenced by the fine art table pictured that sits beneath their weather vane in their dining aerie.

The vane is fabricated in swell bodied style. The stag is copper and the hillside is brass. The hooves and parts of the antlers have had optional gold leaf applied. The eyes are dark brown glass. Because we make each weather vane for each particular customer, decisions such as metals, gilding, and eye color are all made at the time you place your order, as well as any personalizing touches you request.

Earlier period Scythian art included very vigorously modeled and stylized animal figures, shown singly or in combat, that had a long-lasting and very wide influence on other Eurasian cultures as far apart as China and the European Celts. As the Scythians came in contact with the Greeks at the Western end of their area, their artwork influenced Greek art, and was influenced by it; also many pieces were made by Greek craftsmen for Scythian customers.

The use of the animal form went further than just ornament, these seemingly imbuing the owner of the item with similar prowess & powers of the animal which was depicted. Thus the use of these forms extended onto the accoutrements of warfare, be they swords, daggers, scabbards, or axes.