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Dog Weathervane – Australian Shepherd, Tug of War

Double Australian Shepherd Weather Vane


The Australian Shepherd Weather Vane shown here features two playful Aussies engaged in an energetic game of Tug ‘O’ War. We have also made a version of this design where the two Aussies are tugging at a frisbee. Because every weathervane is made to individual order, we can modify such details to suit each customer’s preferences. For example, the customer who commissioned this weathervane had a blue merle and a red Aussie. He sent us photos of the two dogs and we were able to create an actual portrait weathervane for display on top of their new three car garage.

The red Australian Shepherd was constructed in copper with markings in optional gold leaf. The blue merle was crafted in copper with a combination of optional gold and palladium leaf accentuating the markings. This customer also chose to add collars with the dog’s individual names stamped in. Because of the duality of this design it was necessary to add a half arrow below the two dogs to indicate wind direction. Normally, the dog’s head would face into the wind but in this case, with both dogs facing each other, it is not readily apparent which end is the leading edge. The arrow tip and fletching make this clear.

The most common poses for our dog weathervanes are running, conformation, and in a play bow. We have also made variations that include squirrels, bunnies and flushing birds. Additionally, we can add design elements such as a tree stump or mailbox. Our main goal, with each weathervane we make, is to capture the spirit or personality of the particular dog being represented. If your dog has a special characteristic you’d like us to capture, we are up for the challenge!

Australian Shepherds are energetic working dogs and need plenty of vigorous exercise to stay in shape, both mentally and physically. They thrive on learning new tasks and engaging in those tasks as often as possible. Families who are active outdoors will benefit from the company of an Aussie. They are incredibly agile and enjoy games like fetch and catching a Frisbee. The two Aussies in this weathervane capture the playful, active behavior for which this breed is known.