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Dog Weathervane – Schnauzer with Squirrels

Schnauzer in Play Bow Weather Vane with Silhouette Squirrels

with Silhouette Squirrels
Schnauzer with Swell-Bodied Squirrels

Our Schnauzer in Play Bow Weathervane has always been popular, and we do love it here at West Coast Weather Vanes. The body position is so true to this playful and intelligent breed. As pictured above this copper pup is crafted in swell-bodied style. The squirrels are fabricated in silhouette, meaning they are cut from a single sheet of copper. The dog’s collar and the acorns in the squirrel’s paws are brass. As this vane weathers and then patinas the difference in these two metals will become increasingly subtle. Optional gilding in gold leaf on these areas would create bright contrast that will last for many years. The collar has been inscribed with the dog’s name. These collars will accept two dog’s names, one on each side, and a third if you choose to add a tag. We offer an expansive selection of glass eyes, here brown taxidermy eyes with pupils were selected.

A more intricate version of this Schnauzer Weathervane is replacing the silhouette squirrels with swell bodied. Because of the additional technicalities in this level of detail we cannot offer it in small size.  The swell-bodied squirrels catch light in different ways and are quite charming as the vane turns. The prices are noted to the right.

Dog Weathervane
Schnauzer in Play Bow with Swell Bodied Squirrels

Evidently Schnauzers love to chase squirrels! We have one other design in our catalog, and it is a Schnauzer chasing a squirrel on a stump. Here is the link to that design, if you are interested.

We are happy to personalize this or any other of our designs for you. For instance, if you want your Schnauzer with natural ears, a full tail, or chasing butterflies, just let us know.

Deciding on a weathervane can be a big step. We recently received this lovely note:

I hesitated a bit when thinking about putting up a weathervane, but now that it is up there I am glad I made the decision.  I sit in my yard and watch my little Mini-Schnauzer playing and look up and see that weathervane, and it gives me such great pleasure.  I just hope that the people who own my property after I am gone will appreciate it as much as I do. Again, my thanks to all who were involved in making my weathervane.  You are a talented group of people who bring happiness to others.  What could be better than that?”