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Dog Weathervane – Schnauzer and Squirrel

Schnauzer Weather Vane with Squirrel on Stump

Schnauzer with Squirrel on Stump

The Schnauzer with Squirrel Weather Vane featured here was originally commissioned by a customer whose Schnauzer lived to chase squirrels. Apparently this is a common trait! In addition to this design, we have had commissions for several other Schnauzer variations, all of which involve squirrels.  A popular variation on this design shows the squirrel sitting right on top of the stump, boldly gazing at the dog while casually nibbling a nut. The price is the same for either.

As shown, the dog and squirrel were crafted in copper with the dog’s collar and the tree stump in brass. The metal combination can vary from weathervane to weathervane, depending on your preference. For example, on some of our Schnauzers we use optional nickel silver or palladium leaf to give the dog a grey nose and ears. We have also used optional gold or palladium leaf to match distinctive markings and/or to highlight an optional collar and dog tag. Many customers request that we stamp their dog’s names onto either the collar or the tag, further personalizing their weathervane.

If requested, we can take gender into consideration. We can also substitute the squirrel for a chipmunk, a cat, a rabbit, or another dog. If you have an idea about how we can personalize your Schnauzer Weathervane, please give us a call. Some of our best weathervanes have resulted from a customer calling to say, “Can you do …. when you make my weathervane?”

We also offer another Schnauzer Weathervane which shows the dog in a modified play bow with his front paw extended down below the horizontal copper tube on which he is perched. On top of each of the four directional letters sits a squirrel contentedly nibbling a nut. As the wind turns the dog, the Schnauzer reaches down to swat each squirrel in turn as he moves back and forth between them. Here’s a picture. Please call if you are interested.