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Dog Weathervane – Double Brittany Spaniels – Portrait

Brittany Spaniels Weather Vane


This Double Brittany Spaniels Weathervane was commissioned by a wife as a birthday to her husband. It is a portrait piece of their two dogs, Riley (seated) and Rosie. Many photos of the two dogs were sent to us, assuring our accuracy in portraying the dog’s configurations and markings. The dogs have been hammered from copper sheet in swell-bodied style and assembled by our master artisans. For the dog’s markings their white fur has been delineated with optional gold leaf with the copper representing the dark red brown of their coats.This bright gold will make a wonderful contrast to the weathered dark brown of the copper as the piece ages in the outdoors.

Their glass eyes are brown and they each sport a palladium gilded collar with their names inscribed on their tags. ‘A Man’s Best Friends’ is inscribed on the copper tube of the arrow and fletching. There are ‘Lucky Pennies‘ from dates important to this family capping the ends of the copper tube, and inside the dogs, in addition to the traditional penny from the year the sculpture piece was soldered shut.

Because this weathervane was being mounted in an area with serious storms these customers requested an optional Security Device (that’s the little ‘ears’ just above the globe above the directionals.)

It is always fun for us to work with our customers creating a heartwarming family heirloom. Here’s this customer’s response to their weather vane’s arrival:

just wanted to let you know the weathervane arrived safe and sound and we just LOVE it so much! thanks again!! it’s beautiful.