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Dog Weathervane – Irish Wolfhound on Hillside

Standing Irish Wolfhound Weather Vane

Wolfhound on Hillside
Wolfhound on Rod

Our Irish Wolfhound Standing on a Hill Weathervane is a current adaptation to our original Irish Wolfhound Standing Weathervane. In this version our customer requested optional gold leaf on the dogs fur, and palladium leaf on the color with inscribed tag. The entire piece was first fabricated by hand from copper, in swell bodied style. Also selected were brown taxidermy glass eyes for a realistic look.

Irish Wolfhound Weathervane, Standing on Rod

The original Irish Wolfhound Dog Weathervane on Rod also features glass eyes, optional gold leafed patterns in the fur and distinctive tooling which gives the fur a realistic texture on the body.

Because every weather vane is made to order you are welcome to provide photographs of your special canine pets to create a personalized portrait weather vane depicting your favorite dog. Glass eye color can be selected to accommodate a variety of dog eye colors.

The The Irish Wolfhound is called a sighthound, which refers bred to hunt. The name originates from its purpose rather than from its appearance: To hunt wolves. These dogs are the tallest breed of dog in the world.