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Dog Weathervane – Labrador Retriever, Standing Alert

Alert & Attentive Labrador Retriever Weather Vane


This Alert Labrador Retriever Weathervane was ordered by a gentleman as a Christmas gift for his wife, who trains dogs for Canine Companions for Independence. At the time she was awaiting her sixth puppy! He went through our existing labrador retriever weather vanes in our catalog and found a dog in the properly attentive pose in our Labrador Retriever with Man Throwing Ball Weathervane. He explained, ‘The eye attention / connection with the lab looking at the man is the connection that all trainers try to create with their dogs.

For this weather vane the dog was crafted in copper. Both the little hill at her feet and her collar are brass. As this sculpture piece ages and weathers the color difference of the two metals will become quite subtle and lovely. Her glass eyes are brown.

Weather vanes are wonderful gifts and can be great family heirlooms. Our hope is that whenever they look up and see their weathervane, it will remind them of the wonderful service they are providing to people striving for independence. Perhaps there is a weather vane in our catalog that you would like to personalize to express something important in your life.