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Dog Weathervane – Newfoundland Standing

Standing Newfoundland Dog Weather Vane

Mouth Closed
Mouth Open

Our Standing Newfoundland Dog Weathervane has been ordered often as a portrait vane. If you study the pictures above and the open-mouthed version below you will see varying details in tail position, head shape, and the dog’s coat. These personalizations are a part of how West Coast Weather Vanes assures that you get the weather vane you envision. Of course we are happy to create an entire new design for you, but personalizing is a less expensive avenue for achieving an individualized piece.

The Newfoundlands pictured here were fabricated in swell bodied style from copper sheet, and have individualized fur texturing hammered in by our artisans to create the fur look specified at the time of the order. Most customers send us pictures of their dogs to help us get the details of their portrait correct. The dogs have glass eyes in varying colors. This is another choice made when ordering.

One of our customers wanted to commemorate two of their dogs with this design, and they achieved this by having us apply optional gold leaf to one side that replicated one of the dog’s markings, while omitting it on the reverse side, to replicate the other dog. They also had us inscribe each of the dog’s names on the collar.

The vanes pictured above are all with mouth closed. We also make this vane with mouth open, as pictured below. The pricing for this change is listed at right.

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