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Dog Weathervane – Siberian Husky Running

Running Siberian Husky Weather Vane


This Running Siberian Husky Weather Vane was originally designed to celebrate the breed’s dynamic and active nature. Bred as sled dogs in the far north, it seemed appropriate to show this Husky with its mouth open and ‘smiling’ with its legs lengthened in long strides, doing what it loves best.

In reviewing our records, I note that over the years this particular weathervane has been a popular gift for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. When ordered as a gift, special moments can be celebrated with the ‘lucky’ penny tradition. For example, in the version we made as an anniversary gift, we included ‘lucky’ pennies from the birth years of the couple, the year they married and one in celebration of that particular anniversary; and, most importantly, a penny for the year of their ‘baby’. Other customers have asked that we include pennies to commemorate the life of their dog(s).

As with all our weathervanes, each is crafted to individual order. If you send us photos of your Husky, we can match your dog’s distinctive markings with the use of optional gold and/or palladium leaf. One customer had us replicate the unique way her dog’s tail curled. In addition, we match the color of your dog’s eyes using custom made glass taxidermy eyes. Over the years, we have made Husky weathervanes with two brown eyes, two blue eyes, one brown eye, one blue eye and we even made one where the iris color was split, half blue and half brown!

If the chance ever arises, we would love to do a portrait weathervane of a sled dog musher with his or her team of huskies. I can see it is my mind’s eye and think it would be an amazing weathervane. If anyone wants to take me up on this offer, I would be willing to do all the custom design work at no additional charge. Being quite familiar with the antique weathervane market, I know this kind of elaborate, technically difficult, portrait style weathervane is precisely what collectors are avid to acquire, be they museums, American Folk Art dealers or individual enthusiasts. With prices for antique weathervanes occasionally climbing above a million dollars, I anticipate a weathervane like this would not only being a pleasure to own but a good investment as well.

Huskies are well known and popular as mascots, especially in northern climes. It is probably best known as the famous mascot for the University of Washington’s athletic teams. Many businesses have also adopted the Husky for their logos. Known for their intelligence, tenacity and endurance, the Siberian Husky is as well suited to its mascot role as it is to its role as working sled dog or beloved family pet.