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Dog Weathervane – Skye Terrier, Standing

Skye Terrier Weather Vane


This copper Skye Terrier Dog Weathervane is a classic example of one of the oldest native British terrier breeds. It is hand crafted in detailed swell-bodied style. Our artists do the careful work of creating fur textures with their set of personally designed hammers. This fur was a challenge that required a new hammer be created! Optional gilding in gold or palladium, and glass eye color where applicable, are determined at the time the order is placed.

You can further personalize your vane by providing us pictures to help us replicate the stance and stature of your dog in a portrait piece. And you may choose to add a collar, or collar and tag, both of which can be inscribed with names, dates, or brief statements.

All of our vanes are made to order and are unique in that no part of sculpture is pressed or stamped—your sculpture piece will be individually hammered, signed, dated and numbered by one of our artists. It will have sealed within a ‘lucky’ penny from the year of manufacture; this tradition goes back so many years the penny you hear rattling in a collectible antique weather vane could have great value in itself!

Truly hand made weathervanes are highly collectible as Folk Art, and we are proud to be contributing to that body of work!