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Dog Weathervane- Triple Dachshund Portrait 2

Three Doxie Portraits Weather Vane


This is the second Three Dachshund Portrait Weathervane we have made. We love our portrait projects. Our customers send us many photos and then work with us for final details to enable our getting each dog and the look of the overall piece just right. Properly portraying the fur, the configuration, and markings are essential.

These three were crafted from copper sheet in Swell Bodied style. This customer requested optional gold leafing for their two blonde doxies with copper collars, and natural copper for their darker guy with gold leafing on the collar to tie the piece together. It really is splendid! All three dogs have brown glass eyes and their names are inscribed on their collar’s tags. The horizontal bar is inscribed with the name of the farm where it will reside.

Weathervanes are highly collectible art pieces and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.  We offer indoor and outdoor  mounting hardware for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

It makes us very happy to please our customers, and this note made our day!

Just love each dog!  you have done a fabulous job… thank you from
the bottom of my dachshund loving heart❤