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Dog Weathervane – Vizsla On Point

Vizsla on Point Weather Vane


This Vizsla on Point Weathervane is one of two vanes ordered by a new customer who breeds Vizlas and was just completing construction on two barns, one for the horses, and one for the dogs, affectionately referred to as the dog room/apartment. The Vizsla was ordered in medium size, and for the horse barn a Large Running Stallion Weathervane was ordered. Because they ordered two weather vanes at once they were able to take advantage of our repeat customer credit of 10% off their order, plus the added bonus of receiving this discount on both vanes!*

This is an all copper weather vane fabricated in swell-bodied style. The goal (and challenge) here was for smoothness of line and finish, to capture the essence of this beautiful breed. Because the vane was going to be mounted in a region that gets hurricanes we took extra care with the attachment of the ears and tail, as well as including the security device requested by our customer. (The security device is the little ‘ears’ you see in the photos below the sculpture piece and above the top globe. It is an added strength of attachment that helps prevent the weathervane itself from breaking loose in huge winds and ‘flying away’.)

Brown was selected for the glass eye color. There is a personal inscription on both sides of the horizontal tube of the arrow and fletching and ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important family dates and the traditional penny from the year of the weather vane’s completion are affixed inside the body of the dog.

Dog weather vanes are consistently popular, and we enjoyed adding this Vizsla to our catalogue. Our customers were lovely to work on this as we developed the design together, detailing the perfect conformation. With the help of your photos this sculpture piece could be further personalized to create a portrait of a specific dog. Because all of our weathervanes are made to order, we would be happy to discuss any little personal touches you would want to make to this or any other of our designs.

*The discount for both weather vanes is applied to the final payment on the second vane.