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Dog Weathervane-Wheaten Terrier in Play Bow with Squirrel

Wheaten Terrier and Squirrel Weather Vane

with squirrel
Wheaten in Play Bow with Bunny

This Wheaten Terrier in Play Bow with Squirrel Weathervane is one of two Wheaten Terrier vanes* these customers ordered for their new home, which was under construction at the time they placed their order. They ordered this weathervane in a large size (three-foot sculpture piece) because of the viewing distance to the top of their multi-storied home, and because each element in the sculpture piece gets a little smaller as you add more than one critter to the sculpture piece.

The other weather vane they chose was the Running Wheaten Terrier, and for that, we all agreed that a smaller size would work just fine, because it would be mounted on the garage. In that case, it would be seen from closer AND the single dog would be larger.

We used customer pictures to help us personalize the vanes to create portraits of their dogs. Because we never schedule our master artisans to begin a vane until after we have worked through every detail with our customer, it is easy and fun for us to personalize in this way. Also selected for these two weather vanes were collars with inscriptions, brown glass eyes, and optional palladium gilding on the dog’s ears, plus gold leaf on their collars, and on the squirrel’s tummy’s and the acorns in their ‘hands’. This will create a bright and frisky look as these vanes spin. As they weather through to the darker browns it will be particularly effective.

We also have a cute design available of a Wheaten Terrier in Play Bow with Bunny. In the photo below (click to enlarge) the customer requested the dog’s body be gilded with optional gold leaf.

*We give a 10% discount to any customer ordering a second vane, but ordering two at once will gain you the discount on both!