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Dog Weathervane – Yorkshire Terrier, Running

Running Yorkie Weather Vane


Our Yorkshire Terrier Running Weathervane was first commissioned as a portrait of our customer’s beloved companion. We adapted the design from the photos to accommodate the restrictions presented in translating fur to copper and in the technical necessities of a functioning weather vane. For instance, in the photos the hairs flying back from the ears were very wispy. To replicate that exactly would be too fragile to withstand the elements and it would not read from the viewing point. Still, we are happy with the feeling of ears and fur in motion that was accomplished and so is our customer.

It is a detailed, swell-bodied weather vane with glass, taxidermy eyes. The fur has been textured to highlight the running motion. A personal inscription is engraved on the horizontal tube, and the traditional penny from the year of the vane’s completion caps the end of the tube. There is also an optional Security Device mounted between the upper globe and the sculpture piece to provide added insurance that the weather vane will remain mounted in high winds.

In addition to this Yorkie Weathervane, this customer also ordered our Running Golden Retriever, Mouth Open, Weathervane.  While all West Coast Weather Vanes customers enjoy a 10% discount on future orders, when ordering two at once a first-time customer enjoys a 10% discount on both vanes, with the discount applied at the time of the final payment.