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Dog Weathervane – Golden Retriever Running

Running Golden Retriever Weather Vane With Mouth Open

Golden Retriever - Mouth Open
Golden Retriever - Mouth Closed

Our original Running Golden Retriever Weathervane was inspired by Loveit, the spectacular 1992 American Champion. We were delighted to meet this beautiful dog and his owner, who worked closely with us to capture the elegance of his champion’s movement and refine our design of its conformation to reflect all the classic features for which this popular breed is known.

Golden Retriever Running Mouth Closed

Since then, we have done many variations on this original. We have made Goldens with their mouths open, their mouths closed, and standing in the classic conformation pose. We have crafted dogs with short field coats and others with long silky show coats. We even captured a distinctive quirk in one dog’s tail!

We have added collars with dog’s names on them and with sticks or balls in their mouths. On the two dog collars you see above, one side of the collar has the name Luna and the other side of the dog collar has the name Teddy. This way both of the dogs they had were commemorated. They also attached a penny on the dog collar instead of in the weathervane itself for the year the dogs were born. We have included ‘lucky’ pennies to commemorate the years dogs have lived and added copper fletchings with kennel names written in optional gold leaf.

Our goal with every dog weathervane is to portray the temperament and interests of the dog on which the weathervane is based. We can personalize this vane for you by placing a field dog on a horizontal tube with grasses and cattails to indicate its love of the outdoors or adding a ball, stick or frisbee to portray a favorite activity. Even your dog’s gender can be included in the modifications we can make to capture your dog.

Several of our customers have put their Golden Retriever Weather Vanes in garden settings to commemorate the passing of a beloved Golden Retriever. Putting the weathervanes near ground level has the distinct advantage being visible from inside the house. While weathervanes are quite beautiful on top of the house, we advise our customers to put the weathervane where they can see and enjoy it. A number of breeders have displayed their weathervanes on top of their kennels and have written them off as an advertising business expense.

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Golden Retriever Weather Vane Running
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Field Dog-
Running with Duck
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